Jensen Ziheng Sun, Ph.D.

Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems, George Mason University
Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science, George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MSN 6E1, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030 · (703) 993-6124 ·

motto: Keep learning, keep trusting, keep inventing.
expertise: geospatial cyberinfrastructure
Love my work. Believe all the difficulties can be overcome as long as we have faith. In my leisure, the most wonderful thing is playing with my two angel sweethearts. Like sports and reading. Soccer and thriller detective novels are my favorite. A big fan. Thanks for your visit!


Proposed an estimation model for community venue exposure risk in the COVID-19 pandemic using birthday paradox and binomial distribution.
Proposed a complete framework for efficiently managing AI workflows that integrate hybrid cyberinfrastructure resources.
Proposed a new index, Regular Shape Similarity Index (RSSI) to enhance the feature extraction from images.
Proposed a parameterless automatic classification workflow to release people from parameter tuning.
Proposed a location-based service to deliver various types of geospatial information from disparate sources to users in an one-stop app.
Pioneered in using long short term memory neural network to learn the phenological pattern of crops to better recognize them from satellite image time series.


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Programming Languages & Tools
  • Java, JavaScript, JSP, C++/C, Shell, R, and Fortran.
  • Deep learning libraries: tensorflow and deeplearning4j.
  • Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, GeoServer, GRASS GIS, OpenLayers, MapWindow, ENVI, ERDAS, eCognition, etc.
  • Apache Cordova, Oracle BPEL, Oracle DataBase, BEA WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, Apache Ant, ActiveBPEL, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, popular JS graphic libraries (ExtJS, RaphealJS, JQuery, Bootstrap), etc.
  • Windows, Linux (Federa, Ubuntu, Red hat etc), Mac OS (Mavericks), Android.
  • Cloud computing technologies and software (Apache CloudStack).
  • Web and mobile phone applications.
  • DevOps
  • Web Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Wuhan University

Doctor of Engineering
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
September 2011 - June 2015

Wuhan University

Bachelor of Science
Geographical Information Science
September 2005 - June 2009


Research Assistant Professor

George Mason University


October 2015 - present

Research Associate

George Mason University


Feburary 2013 - October 2015

Research Assistant

Wuhan University


September 2009 - December 2012


  • Principal Investigator, NASA ACCESS19 project "GeoWeaver: Building An Open-Source Platform for Enabling Ad Hoc Management, Open Sharing, and Robust Reuse of NASA Earth Data-Driven Hybrid AI Workflows"
  • Institutional PI, NSF project "COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: GI CATALYTIC TRACK: Cyberinfrastructure for Intelligent High-Resolution Snow Cover Inference from Cubesat Imagery"
  • Co-Principal Investigator, NASA project "Satellite-aided regional dust forecasting for Valley fever surveillance, highway accident prevention, and air quality management in the Southwestern United States"
  • Principal Investigator, ESIP lab project "Geoweaver: a web-based system for managing compound geospatial workflows of large-scale distributed deep networks”.
  • Principal Investigator, Microsoft AI for Earth project "AI Monitoring Coal-fired Power Plant Emission from Space"
  • Team Leader of NSF project "CyberWay: Integrated Capabilities of EarthCube Building Blocks for Facilitating Cyber-based Innovative Way of Interdisciplinary Geoscience Studies".
  • Team Leader , NSF project "CyberConnector: an EarthCube building block for facilitating the automatic preparation and feeding of both historic and near-real time Earth Observation customized data and on-demand derived products into Earth science models".
  • Team Leader, OGC Testbed 13. GMU CSISS is responsible for three threads in Testbed 13. Responsible for two components: NR101 Cloud based WPS development; NA101 Agriculture scientist client.
  • Team Leader, OGC Testbed 12. GMU CSISS is responsible for eight threads in Testbed 12. Responsible for five components: A027 GeoPackages Mobile App Data Implementation; A054 Mobile Device GeoPackage Common Map API Implementation; A109 Browser Based Client; A043 WCS SOAP server and A045 WCS Conventional Server.
  • Senior Personnel, OGC Testbed 11: GMU CSISS is responsible for five threads in Testbed 11. Responsible for the implementation of A020 WCS implementation with JPIP supporting the scenario.
  • Senior Personnel, GADMFS: An online operational geospatial service system of agricultural drought monitoring. I am responsible for maintaining the system normal running, generating latest drought data product, developing new functions to enhance the system capabilities and reconstructing the system code to improve user experience.
  • Developer, VegScape: A web service based online system to monitor U.S. national vegetation condition and provide an operational hosting and maintenance service to USDA/NASS. I worked on using the vegetation product provided by VegScape, testing the robustness of the system, providing suggestions for system improving and building Web services to demonstrate and promote the advantages of VegScape.
  • Developer, Metadata Tracking in Geospatial Service Chaining and Geospatial Data Provenance, funded by National Natural Science Fundation of China.
  • Developer, Task-oriented Information Aggregation Service Model in Earth Observation Sensor Web. National Basic Research Program of China (973), Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
  • Principal Investigator, Construct, track and evaluate geospatial service chain in a task-oriented approach, The Doctor Independent Research Fund of Wuhan University.


  • COVID-19 Community Social Risk Estimator (COSRE)
  • CyberConnector: a system can automatically process the EO data into the right products in the right form needed for ESM initialization, validation, and inter-comparison.
  • Geoweaver: AI workflow management systems
  • Geoprocessing Service Kit: A bundle of Web services to complete various kinds of geospatial processing goals
  • GeoFairy – A mobile phone app which succeeds to collect and display nine kinds of the mostly used geospatial information: vegetation (VegScape), weather (OpenWeatherMap), precipitation (NASA AIRS), atmosphere, soil moisture (NASA), altitude (DEMExplorer), agriculture (USDA), land cover (GLCNMO) and land use (CropScape).
  • GADMFS – A Web GIS that provides global NDVI, VCI and Drought datasets derived using tile-based MODIS datasets and implements Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) to support visualization and acquisition of the global data. I am responsible for developing module functions in the system like customizing VCI product according to specific user requirements.
  • MOGRAW – (MODIS-GRASS-WCPS) is an online web prototype system to provide geoprocessing services through OGC WCPS standard interfaces.
  • BPELPower – A BPEL execution engine for composing geospatial web services. I am responsible for developing some external functions modules to combine BPELPower into specific application scenario and perform the significant role to link all the distributed resources together to complete a complex task.
  • WMD – workflow model designer, a tool for general users to design a workflow based on BPELPower. I write code to extend WMD into a system which helps people be aware of all the resources they can use and compose them according to a particular goal in a more intelligent pattern.
  • GeoPWProv – A Web prototype system to capture, record, query and visualize the provenance information generated by geoscientific workflow.
  • GeoPWDesigner – A Web application to compose Geoprocessing Web Services into a logic workflow, instantiate the logic workflow to an executable workflow.
  • GeoPWTaskManager – A Web System to create, edit, manage, execute and monitor the geoprocessing workflows composed by several Geospatial Web Services.
  • GeoPW Ontology Manager – A Web system, which leverages Web 2.0, Sensor Web, Semantic Web and geoprocessing services, allows the use of task ontology to support live geoprocessing (Fig4). The system is an extension of the GeoPWDesigner by supporting the ontologies and Sensor Web technologies.
  • PowerGrid GIS Platform (EPGIS) – A Web platform for the electricity management according to the requirements of the State Grid in China. Responsible the query service, thematic map service, and Web service context.


GGS 210

Spatial Computing
2020 Spring

GGS 681

Social Media Analysis
2021 Spring

Awards & Certifications

  • ESIP Catalyst Award, 2021.
  • NGA Disparate Data Competition Winter. GeoFairy.Map won one of the fifteen cash awards in Oct, 2016 ($10,000).
  • Third prize in the GEO GeoAppathon competition in 2014 ($2,500)
  • NGA Agricultural Field Delineation from Satellite Imagery challenge winner $2,500.
  • Third prize in the EarthServer Big Data Contest in 2014 ($600).
  • EarthCube Early Career Travel Grant in 2018 ($500).
  • The 2010-2011th Trimble Scholarship funded by the Trimble Corporation.
  • Scholarship of Wuhan University Graduate Science Innovation in 2012.
  • Graduate Excellent First Scholarship. 2012-2013. Wuhan University.
  • National Scholarship 2012-2013. Department of Education in China.


  • ESIP winter meeting, Bethesda, MD, 2018.1.9-12. (Poster: CyberConnector & Geofairy)
  • OGC Testbed 13 Demonstration & Exposition, USGS headquarters, Reston, VA. 2017.12.12-13. (Presentation).
  • Agro-Geoinformatics 2017, Fairfax, VA. (Oral & Proceedings)
  • AAG, 2017 April, Boston, MA. 2017. (Oral)
  • NSF EarthCube All Hands meeting, Denver, CO. 2016. (Oral & Poster)
  • ISPRS International Workshop on Spatiotemporal Computing, Fairfax, VA. 2015.07.13-15 (Oral, Proceedings).
  • ESIP winter meeting, Bethesda, MD, 2017.1.11-13. (Poster: CyberConnector & CMAQ)
  • ESIP summer meeting, Durham, NC. 2016.07.19-22.
  • ESIP Winter Meeting 2016, Washington D.C. (Oral & Poster: CyberConnector).
  • ESIP Winter Meeting 2015, Washington D.C. (poster: Geofairy).
  • OGC TC meeting in World Bank, Washington, D.C. 2016.
  • OGC Testbed 12 Demonstration & Exposition, USGS headquarters, Reston, VA. 2016.11.29. (Poster).
  • OGC Testbed 12 Kickoff Meeting, USGS Headquater Building, Reston, VA. 2016. (Oral).
  • OGC Testbed 11 Kickoff meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, 12-14 Jan 2015.
  • OGC Testbed 10 Kickoff meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, 7-9 Oct, 2013.
  • Agro-Geoinformatics 2016, Tianjin, China. (Oral & Proceedings)
  • Agro-Geoinformatics 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. (Proceedings)
  • Agro-Geoinformatics 2014, Beijing, China. (Proceedings)
  • Agro-Geoinformatics 2013, Washington, D.C. 2013.08.12-16. (Oral & Proceedings).
  • Geoinformatics 2010 conference on 19 Jun 2010, Beijing, China (Oral, Student competition).


  • IEEE, regular member
  • IEEE young professionals, member
  • IEEE geoscience and remote sensing society, member
  • AAG (American Association of Geographers), member
  • AGU (American Geographyscal Union), member
  • ESIP (Earth Science Information Partners), member
  • OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), member